3 Reasons You Should Travel to India In Your Lifetime

Depending on where people originate from. Vacationers usually have their popular, go-to destinations. For example, people from North America enjoy going on holiday in places such as the Caribbean, Europe, Australia, and some parts in Asia. Folks from Europe typically enjoy vacations in Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean.

While this trend has been constant for decades, one country that is enjoying an increase in tourism is India. A Southern Asian nation of approximately 1.5 billion people, India has put the world on notice, demonstrating that they have a lot to offer and can compete with the more common tourist destinations of the world. If you are due for a vacation and are unsure of your destination yet, below are reasons to engulf on an India tours.

1. Scenery

When you go on vacation, you want to try different things and see sites you have not experienced before. After all, you may not be in the area that you are vacationing in so you want to take in all you can.

A vacation to India definitely translates into an opportunity to enjoy some amazing and breathtaking scenery. Because the country is so rich in history, you will have an opportunity to enjoy ancient rock sculptures, monuments, and archaeological sites.

Other attractions that can be considered include the world-renowned Taj Mahal, the peaks of the Himalayan mountains, the Ganges River, and the craziness of the capital city, Dehli. Also factor in the wildlife expeditions, sandy beaches, and the journeys you can take via Indian Railways, an Indian tour will not disappoint and leave you with fond memories that will last a lifetime.

2. Food

Like scenery, you want to mix it up with food while on vacation. While pizza, hamburgers, and hot dogs are popular and enjoyed by most people, when in different countries it is fun to try the dishes native to the nation.

When visiting India, it is impossible to be disappointed by the food options there. It is often said that no other country offers the range of different food that India does. These include tandoori chicken, rogan josh, and hundreds of different types of curry. Types of cuisine different depending on region you are in. This means that as you travel India you will have the opportunity to try different dishes and see what you like.

Since large portion of Indian is Hindu, you will also have the opportunity to try some fantastic vegetarian dishes if this is your preference. From fine dining to food offered by street merchants, you are bound to find food that suits your preferences no matter what they are.

3. Hospitality

No matter where you go for a holiday, you want to feel welcome and be able to get assistance if needed. Being shunned and treated rudely will put a damper on your holiday and you will not be able to enjoy yourself.

People native to India are known for their unwavering hospitality, welcoming guests from everywhere in the world with open arms. No matter if you come into contact with people from the rural backroads or those from a bustling metropolis, citizens do not mind helping visitors and are even known to welcome them into their homes to enjoy a meal. India is known as country that enjoys festivals, having them to commemorate many different things.

These festivals will allow you to mingle and spend time with the locals and they will definitely show you a good time. The country firmly believes in luxury and personalized service, meaning you will be comfortable and well attended to during your stay.

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