4 Ways a Canadian Immigration Attorney Can Help You

The move from one country to another can be as stressful as it is exciting. As you move from your home country to Canada, it is important to make sure all immigration rules are followed. For this reason, you should consider getting the help of an immigration attorney. Immigration lawyers can help in a number of ways and this list helps to explain four ways they can make your international move much easier.

1. Case review and next steps

When you decide to work with an immigration attorney, they will begin working on your case, which is just a record of your immigration status. Your reason for coming to and remaining in Canada will determine what type of documents you need to submit to the government and how long you will be able to stay. The attorney will let you know what’s needed, how you can maintain your status once approved, and any other steps you need to take during your time in Canada.

2. Legal representation

In addition to looking over your case, immigration lawyers will represent you in court or at ports of entry. If you need to appear in immigration court for any reason, an attorney can explain to you how the court visit will likely proceed, some of the questions you may be asked, and any documentation you may need to bring with you. They will also speak on your behalf, if necessary. In some instances where immigrants have been denied entry at ports of entry or have been detained, attorneys have met immigration officers to discuss the reasons for denial of their client. They can then show why their client should be allowed to enter if they have followed all the rules. If you are seeking more information, you will be able to appreciate the resources at the Bellissimo Law Group website.

3. Deportation assistance

If you face possible deportation, it is imperative to get an immigration attorney. They will take all of your immigration history into account and determine if it’s possible to stop your deportation. Again, they can speak on your behalf in hopes that you’ll be able to remain in Canada.

4. Becoming a citizen

If you wish to take your immigration plans a step further and become a citizen, an attorney can help you prepare for this big step. They will advise you of your eligibility and all the steps you need to take.

Immigration lawyers can provide a wealth of knowledge in all of your immigration matters. Your local attorney will make this big transition much easier by making sure you are aware of all the rules associated with moving to Canada.

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