Why Do You Need a Pest Control Toronto

It may seem as though you have a sneaky little pest running around your home when you’re off to work. You notice that your trash cans have been tipped over and your garbage strung across the lawn and that is ok? I highly doubt it. Still, it happens to even the best of us.

There are many critters that love to roam free in places where we don’t want them. Bugs, mice and raccoons are three of the most unwanted guests that we could have. Unfortunately, I have them and so might you. These little pests drag diseases and bacteria around like it’s their job. Is it? Probably. Plus, who is to say they won’t bite you and possibly kill you with rabies or some other awful disease they have been known to carry. It’s scary to say the least. Ask for experts .

So I’ve finally found myself fed up with these pests and I want to get rid of them. I’ve compiled a few green tips and gadgets that are particularly useful in ridding your home of unwanted pests.

Heat Treatments
This one is easy and definitely wanted on cold nights in Toronto. Simply heat up an infested area to a warmer-than-comfortable-for-pests temperature and sit back as they evacuate in search for water. This won’t kill them unless they are too stubborn to move. It is important to me to kill as few things in life as I have to so this a favorite of mine.

Fly Lights
So I have a swarm of flies for some reason. They move around buzzing like they own the place. I’ve found that they are particularly annoying when it rains or gets damp. Toronto isn’t doing us any favors in this category. So I went out and purchased a few fly lights. To my surprise they are incredibly cheap and I managed to find a few that even matched the decor around my home. Looks like I got in the last good buzz! Maybe you could too!

Pineapple Juice and Vinegar
I know it sounds weird, but mice and raccoons hate pineapple juice and vinegar. I’m not entirely sure why. My dog loves it even though it gives him a little tummy trouble. I’m not sure if it is the strong scent that keeps them away, or the fact that vinegar is hard on the digestive system. In any case spraying my trash cans with this concoction seems to keep the larger pests away.

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