4 Places to Find a Short-Term Lease

Short-term apartment rentals are perfect for people on a business trip or students who are researching or training for a few months at a university. It doesn’t tie you up to the property and thus you don’t need to pay any fees for breaking your lease contract in the event that you have to leave earlier than expected. Hunting for short-term properties, however, can be a tricky process. There’s fraudulent agencies posing as legit brokers and some landlords can give you a hard time. Here’s four tips to simplify your short-term lease experience.

#1 Search on Social MediaLook for leads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social networking platform. Get yourself invited to private groups and post a status of what you’re looking for. This can be as simple as a “Need a short-term lease, please contact..” post. Some folks are embarrassed to post content of such nature. But asking for help on social media is a common tactic nowadays both for regular users and commercial enterprises. Join other pages that are related to property hunting, such as movers in a particular city or real estate investing. These pages may have users who know one or two short-term leases in their building.

#2 Tell People You Meet Outside

While weather and the latest Trump news are common conversation topics with random people these days, you can also add apartment hunting on that list. Tell people you meet at work or at the park that you are looking for a short-term lease in the area. Be as specific as you can so that you filter apartment listings that aren’t compatible with what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for furnished apartments Calgary, make sure to let them know.

#3 Approach Rental Companies

The most popular name that comes to mind when looking for short-term rental companies is AirBnB. While it’s mostly known for bridging homeowners and vacationers, it’s also a great platform for finding a number of legitimate short-term rentals. Note, however, that if you’re moving during busy times of the year, like summer break or start of the school year, it can be a challenge to find listings that offer protracted stays.

#4 Look on Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the longest-standing web-based portals for apartment listings. There’s quite a handful of horror stories about Craigslist scams, but there’s still several legit advertisements. Observe the information on the listing. Do the pictures look authentic or snatched from a stock photo site?

Before even searching for short-term leases, make sure you’ve already jotted down or envisioned your housing requirements and expectations, from budget to space. These variables will help filter out the dozens of housing listings that you’ll encounter while searching online and outside.

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