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4 Tips for Hiring the Best Mover

As exciting as the prospect of moving to a new home might be, relocation can involve lots of work. Although moving is seen as the most stressful experience by many a homeowner, hiring the services of a professional mover should make your move as smooth as possible and more enjoyable. However, you can only enjoy these benefits if you engage a reliable moving company. Here are four tips for hiring the best mover.

1. Check online reviews

When trying to figure out how to handle your move, you can get lots of ideas from friends, family, colleagues and neighbors. Since almost everyone uses the internet nowadays, reading online reviews might be the best way to find a reliable Calgary movers. Picking a moving company means trusting someone else with your valuables. Since you’ll probably have to base your decision on the provider’s reputation, make sure you read verified reviews only. Other than reviews, there are several websites that can match potential clients with reliable, local-based moving companies. Because these websites depend on customer satisfaction, they are likely to recommend suitable service providers.

2. Get several in-home quotes

Regardless of your narration skills, relaying the volume of household items to be moved and other specifics might not be possible over the phone. In-home evaluations and estimates are, therefore, important. Home visits also give you the chance to discuss what might require disassembling or packing and allow you to ensure the estimate entails these details. You can get a relatively accurate quote if the person performing your in-home evaluation looks everywhere. Make sure any item you intend to dispose of is not included in the quote.

Comparing different quotes in the presence of the moving company’s representative won’t hurt. The idea that you’re doing your due diligence might end up earning you a more competitive offer. But since you will often get what you pay for from service providers, going for the lowest price might be the best option. Go with the company that best suits your needs or the one that seems to care about your property.

3. Ask more questions

Once you’ve narrowed your search to less than three companies, you need to start asking questions. Find out whether they’re licensed, how long they’ve been in the business, how they handle disputes, possible restrictions on what can be transported, whether your belongings might be consolidated with someone else’s stuff and the timetable for your move.

4. Get everything in writing

You should sign a contract agreement that includes the pick-up and delivery timetable, a comprehensive estimation from the moving company and any extra charges. Provide the moving company with as much information as you can, including any challenges that might be encountered at your new home. Sign the inventory form before your belongings are hauled away. It should include every item that’s been loaded onto the truck.

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