4 Tips to Help You Select an Incredible Motorcycle Jacket

Is there anything as satisfying as the roar of a motorcycle? There’s something intrinsic to the pioneer spirit and vast natural beauty of Canada that lends itself to the ideal of roaring past all that wonder whilst feeling free as a bird. For those that love their bikes, there’s nothing quite like that feeling of pure freedom which permeates the air as you go blowing past on your motorbike. Of course, any motorcyclist is only as good as the gear he or she wears, and few items are more important than motorcycle jackets. As such, here are a few tips to help you pick out the perfect jacket.

1. Design Options

One of the most intriguing questions you’re going to want to consider right off the bat is what type of design best suits you. There’s a wide range of different motorcycle jacket options, ranging from those which are more traditional in their leather or suede approach to those which feature wild, expressive designs. In addition, many manufacturers of motorcycles likewise put out their own jackets, doubling the exposure of their brand. Finding the right jacket for you thus involves figuring out what type of colours, patterns, and overall designs best capture the look and feel you want.

2. Quality of the Material

Even more important than the designs and patterns is the material of the jacket itself. You may believe yourself to have found the best, most brilliant jacket out there, but if the option in question is made from cheap fabric and wears out easily, you can bet you’ll be none too pleased. Ideally, you’d like your jacket to allow lots of mobility, which is naturally critical to safely driving a motorcycle. You’ll thus want to work to ensure that you find the right type of leather or suede for your needs.

3. Matching Your Motorcycle

In addition, you’re going to want to make sure that, from an aesthetic standpoint, the jacket you choose matches the design and feel of your motorcycle. Ask yourself – is your motorcycle more retro in its design, or is it sleek, chic, and utterly modern? What colours are most prominent in it? What patterns? All of this and more can help you determine what types of jackets can best accentuate your bike, thus enabling you to create a comprehensive image for yourself.

4. Matching Your Helmet

The one item that’s even more important for motorcyclists from a safety perspective is, of course, their helmet. There are a variety of different considerations you’re going to want to keep in mind when shopping for the right motorcycle helmet, making that a conversation unto itself. What is worth mentioning here is how you can and should endeavour to pair your helmet with your jacket. In an aesthetic sense, you ideally want your helmet and jacket to mesh as well as possible – for example, matching black helmets with black leather.

All of this and more can help you find the right jacket to complement your motorcyclist lifestyle.

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