5 Effective Ways to Use Promotional Products for Business

There are all sorts of creative ways to promote your company, and an effective marketing strategy could lead to more customers and sales or just simple brand awareness. Promotional products are just one of many ways to spread the word, but you can implement this marketing strategy in a few different ways.

1. Brand Promotion through Your Customer Base

Regardless of how they feel about your product, customers enjoy getting something a little extra from time to time. Simple things such as pens, bags, or coffee cups give your customers something practical to use out in public, and as branded merchandise, this might spread awareness to others. These items might also improve customer loyalty, and you are always free to hand them out to prospective customers as well.

2. Launching a New Product

When you are launching and marketing a new product, you can tie in creative promotional items to make things a little more interesting. Whether you include them as a gift with the purchase, hand them out at random, or initiate a direct mail campaign, you can entice customers with a free gift that also reminds them of your product.

3. Trade Shows and Other Events

If you have the opportunity to set up a booth at a trade show or another event, it could be a great way to get people thinking about your company. It’s also a perfect moment to get creative with and hand out promotional items to people attending the event. As long as the individual holds onto the item, it’s a constant reminder of your brand, and you never know who might require your services.

4. Sponsor an Event

Sponsoring an event is often a mutually-beneficial act. You can supply the event organizers with something that they need such as a t-shirt or a souvenir baseball. As the supplier, you will be able to put your brand onto the item, and everybody who gets a hold of it at the event will be introduced to your company. Additional information and resources are available at Brandability.

5. Taking Care of Your Employees

Promotional items don’t always need to be huge, inexpensive giveaways. By gifting your employees with higher quality, branded merchandise, you not only increase their loyalty to the company, but you also give them something that they can use out in public, expanding your brand when they are not at work. These can be all the same items or items that are personalized to the individual.

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