5 Examples of Promotional Products for Effective Marketing

Free products are useful for increasing brand recognition, driving traffic to websites, and boosting sales. Promotional products are also cost-effective compared to other forms of marketing. These examples can help business owners determine the best way to use free content and merchandise to connect with customers.

1. Downloadable Guides and eBooks

The most common type of free product is a downloadable guide or eBook. These guides are affordable to produce and easy to distribute. They are offered online, either with a downloadable link or via email.

Businesses typically offer downloadable guides in return for signing up to a newsletter or opting into a mailing list. The guide should be related to the products or services offered by the business. For example, a marketing firm may offer a downloadable guide with marketing tips while a flooring company may create a guide for choosing the best flooring material.

The purpose of the product is to provide potential customers with something of value. These informational guides are proven to help increase conversion rates and boost web traffic. More resources can be found at the Brandability website.

2. Video Tutorials and Instructions

Video tutorials offer the same advantages as downloadable guides. The difference is that this product is presented in video format instead of a PDF or eBook.

More people have access to high-speed Internet than in the past and can watch videos on their smartphones or tablets. By targeting potential customers with free video content, businesses can appeal to a larger market.

Studies show that people retain more information when they watch a video as compared to reading content. Offering video tutorials not only provides potential customers with helpful information but the video format also ensures that they are more likely to remember the information and the business. This is useful for gaining new customers and improving brand awareness.

3. Exclusive Access to Online Content

Businesses that produce exclusive content through their websites may offer potential customers free access to this content for a limited time. This may include written guides or video tutorials.

Businesses may find that this option is easier to set up than offering downloadable content as the exclusive material is already hosted on the website. However, the benefits may be limited compared to other products, depending on the perceived value of the exclusive content.

4. Physical Promotional Merchandise

Giving away free physical promotional merchandise is an old marketing practice that goes back centuries. Most people have pens or pencils from local doctors or insurance agents. Besides pens, businesses can purchase calendars, coffee mugs, pads, and gadgets that can be ordered with a company logo and contact information printed on the product.

5. Free Products with Purchase

Some businesses choose to pack free items with purchased items as an added value to customers. When the customer receives his or her purchased goods and discovers an extra product, he or she is more likely to remember the business for future purchases.

Giving away free products is proven to be an effective marketing solution and the latest technology allows businesses to be more creative with the type of products they offer. Besides the traditional pens and pads with a business logo, companies can produce downloadable guides, videos, and exclusive content.

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