5 Facts About iOS Development

The past ten years have been a testament to the rise of Apple as a frontrunner in the technology market. While many mobile app developer companies focus on Android, these days, Apple is just as important if not more important. Apple’s new Operating System iOS 11.3 has been creating ripples since its launch in 2018, and rightly so. The iOS world is growing fast, and it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with it if you’re interested in app development. Let’s take a look at 5 interesting facts about iOS app development.

1. iOS introduced the Swift 4 programming language

An advanced version of Swift 3, this programming language was developed by Apple to offer support to the iOS and Linux operating system. It’s easy to learn and is famous for its robust security features and scalability. Swift 4 can also be pre-compiled for tvOS and macOS, meaning it’s a transferable skill.

2. iOS apps can use artificial intelligence (AI) and Siri

Apple’s prominence became more evident with the launch of its personal assistant, Siri. This type of Artificial Intelligence is a technological innovation that has pushed Apple beyond its competitors in the in the contextual learning genre. Siri can now be integrated with a number of apps, meaning you can use your apps hands-free on the go. For example, the popular to-do list app known as “Todoist” now offers Siri integration, after years of requests from users.

3. Core machine learning is catching on

The Core Machine Learning, also known as Core ML is a machine learning framework that offers a distinct level of communication with its robust library. It is hugely important in developing AI based games, face detection and language understanding, and it’s cutting-edge in the app developer world. Also, the fact that games are the most popular app category (about 25%) in the iOS store, speaks volumes about the importance of core machine learning systems.

4. Apple pay is gaining in popularity

Apple recently launched Apple Pay, a digital mobile wallet for iOS users to make easy payments. Equipped with the most robust security features, Apple Pay transactions have recently experienced an incredible hike of 500%, which demonstrates its huge popularity. Apple Pay features can be found in many up to date apps, including the Starbucks app where you can use Apple Pay to fund your account.

5. iOS 11 introduced a new cloud-based file manager

Apple’s new iOS 11 introduced a new cloud-based file management app known as “Files”, that allows the user to store all information in a single file which can be accessed using any of the devices. This makes programming apps easier and lighter on the system, enabling more possibilities for app developer companies.

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