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5 Tips for Cleaning Your Apartment

Whether you have a furnished apartments Mississauga or one you had to furnish yourself, one thing is for sure: you will have to clean it. There is lots of advice online for how to clean, but not all of it is good. Here, we’ll go over 5 tips for cleaning your apartment so it looks nice for guests.

1. Work from top to bottom

When cleaning, you have to think about gravity. When you’re cleaning, dust often falls from surfaces onto the floor. It’s recommended that you do the floors last so you can clean up this dust and dirt. A good rule of thumb is to work from top to bottom of the house. This means cleaning the highest surfaces first, then the counters, then finally the floors. This ensures that any dust you stir up gets cleaned up eventually.

2. Use reusable rags

Nothing racks up a huge grocery bill faster than using paper towels to clean the house. Of course, paper towel is extremely useful for disgusting messes, but for everyday spills and cleaning, it’s best to use rags. You can cut up an old towel, or old clothing to create recycled rags, or purchase a set of dedicated bar mop towels. You could also try microfiber cleaning cloths, a natural way to attract dust and dirt. But whatever you choose, you’ll save a lot compared to paper towel.

3. Disinfect with vinegar

Full-strength vinegar is an effective disinfectant when left on a surface for 30 minutes, and it’s completely natural and safe, too. Chemicals like bleach are very harsh and they may react with other chemicals in your kitchen. Vinegar is great because you probably already have it on hand, and you can use it to cook with when you’re not cleaning. If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, add some essential oils to cover up the scent.

4. Take care of your furniture

In a furnished apartment, you have to make sure you keep your furniture in tip top shape so you get your deposit back when you move out. Using furniture polish can protect your furniture from scratches and other damage, plus it helps keep it shiny. To care for your furniture, first dust it, then apply a polish and buff. Your landlord will thank you!

5. Buy a vacuum

One of the biggest mistakes I see renters make is that they don’t own a vacuum. Even if you don’t have carpet or animals, it’s impossible to get your place truly clean with just a brush and broom. A good-quality vacuum is an investment that will last for years. Plus, you can use it to clean your curtains, couches, and other materials. You’ll breathe better and inhale fewer allergens. It’s definitely a good idea to own a vacuum.

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