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5 Ways to Prepare for the Movers

When you are planning a major move from one home or office to another, it is important to plan in advance rather than wait until the last minute to prepare. Everything should be ready to go a day or two before the movers arrive. You may even want to print a checklist of things to get done and review it several times before the big day. Here are important tasks to finish before the moving crew gets there.

1. Clear Home Access

Check all access points to your current and destined locations to ensure the moving crew can get in and out of both properties readily. On-street parking can be difficult to control, but your driveway, steps, porch, and rooms should be ready for walk-in use with area cleared to get boxes and furniture easily out of the current place and into the new one.

2. Remove Obstacles snd Distractions

Although a professional mover is used to ignoring surrounding environments while on the job, it is courteous and perhaps helpful to clear excess noise or distractions from the areas where they will be working. A dog or cat underfoot can be annoying, if not dangerous. Children’s toys left scattered will need to be moved. Accessories on tables, books in bookshelves, and closets full of clothing or stored items should be packed ahead of time.

3. Organize Furniture in Advance

Unless you have arranged with the moving company for a mover to take things apart and put them together at the new place, give yourself a few days before moving day to get everything ready to move. Remove bedding from beds, take drawers out of chests, and arrange similar items together, like dining room chairs or living room end tables.

4. Clearly Label Everything to be Moved

Use a black marker and labels or clear tape to mark boxes, bins, and bags to be moved. Indicate which room or area they should be placed in at the new location. Keep related items together, like kitchen equipment and dishware, family room entertainment media, and garage tools for easy identification and relocation. Visit Matco moving solutions for additional resources on their website.

5. Prepare Destination Home

While organizing the current residence or office is relatively simple because you probably spend most of your time there, don’t forget to do the same at the new location. This may include getting utilities turned on, like heat and water, that may be needed the day of the move. Ensure someone is there to receive the moving crew and help direct where things should go. In an empty house, it may be unclear if a room is a bedroom or a study, for example.

Plan your move early. Check your preparations frequently, and enjoy your new location.

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