8 Pointers to Having A Memorable End of Summer Garden Party

Finally, the summer season is coming to an end. But you want to close it by throwing a laid-back party for your friends and family. And what better way than to have them kicking back and lounging around in your garden, drink in hand and just having a great time. Garden parties have become a favorite party rentals idea even to clients who are hosting corporate events. And there is no better time to host a garden party than in summer. Hosting the best end of summer party needs maximum preparation.

Well, all that can be made possible with these cool summer garden party tricks.

1. Zero Complications

Keep your patio and tables in neutral colors like beige and brown. As for the plates and utensils, you can get a pop of colors that fit the occasion. Don’t forget about the napkins and other silverware as well. You can lay out a roll of butcher paper as your table runner. It is simple and a lot easier to clean. Overall, just have your outdoor setting popping with simple colors.

2. Seating Style That Is Comfortable

Have your outdoor party cocktail style and the food available at all times and everyone can see each other. Spread out your tables and chairs so that your guests are not too cramped or confined to a single table. Let your guests sit in the sun or shade if they want. Try to ensure that everyone is cozy and having fun. If your garden party is on your lawn, then you can take advantage of this and lay down pillows and blankets that your guests can sit on.

3. Choice of Music

No party is one without some music playing in the background of course. Look for and choose an awesome playlist that helps to set the mood. You can choose whether to play low-key background music or play songs that your guests are familiar with and will, most likely, sing along to. Start making your playlist well before the party day arrives. This allows you time to choose the best and most appropriate songs for the occasion.

4. Fun Games Suitable For Your Audience

Let this be the perfect time for your guests get loose. This is the perfect time to organize for a kid-free affair. Have some hula hoops and bubbles for your guests. You may be surprised to see even the older folks get involved. Lawn games always bring life out of every corporate event or outdoor party. Bocce ball, croquet, and corn hole are just some of the classics you can try out.

5. Chilled Drinks

You can also add some color to the water glasses that your guests will be sing at the party using rose petals and ice cubes. To make the rose petals stand out more, use silicon tray. This makes the cubes easily pop out and are not scratched. You can even add extras like rosemary, violets, and cucumbers in the ice cubes as well.

6. Seasonal Cuisines In Your Menu

Start off the party by offering your guests drinks that are made from muddled seasonal fruit. A summer craft beer can also do the trick and is widely popular this season. You can try some of your area’s favorites and see how it works for your party. For meals, shopping seasonal and local foods are ideal. You don’t necessarily need to have expensive meals. The trick is in what you serve, how you make it, and how you serve it.

7. Natural Lighting

Make floating tea lights with candles in mason jars. These will really set the evening mood for your practical summer decorations of the outdoor party. You can use different mixtures of essential oils like lemon eucalyptus and lavender which are also great insect repellents for the night events.

8. Plan B

It is always good to be prepared for anything especially when holding an outdoor event. You never know when the sky-blue weather might turn on you and it starts raining heavily. A contingency plan should readily be available for such occasions. You can rent a tent that is on standby or many umbrellas should anything like that happen. Or you can have an alternate indoor location that is readily available should you need to use it.

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