Best places to travel in Canada

From the sparkling city lights of Vancouver, to the rugged mountains of northern Canada, this country is full of natural beauty. Canada has so many great hiking trails, shopping centers and historical sites to visit. No matter where you go, you are sure to have an amazing time.

Capilano Suspension BridgeThis breathtaking bridge will make your heart race and your legs tremble, but there is no other comparison for this experience. The bridge is 230 feet high off the ground, and 450 long. If you are afraid of heights, don’t worry about this one. There are very few accidents here, and the well-maintained bridge has been around for over a century. Located just outside of Vancouver is the famous park where Capilano is located. This park also features bridges that weave through the treetops.


The city of Vancouver is bright and bustling with life. Gourmet restaurants, entertainment and shopping are plentiful here. You can stay at a nice hotel, and then spend your days exploring the city. There is no shortage of activities in Vancouver.

The CN Tower

This massive tower in Ontario is a prime attraction. Ontario itself is also a fantastic city to visit. The CN Tower is 1,465 feet from the ground, and it is well known as the highest observation deck in the world. You can see a panoramic view of the city and beyond from the top of the tower.

Granville Island

If you want a complete tourist experience of Canada, Granville Island is the place to go. This island offers great food, entertainment, shopping and outdoor activities to enjoy. Families and couples will have a great time here.

Canada’s Wonderland

Located in Ontario, Canada’s Wonderland is the largest amusement park in the country. There are well over 200 attractions, and they even have a large water park. This is a great summer adventure place. Adults will even find Canada’s Wonderland a great place to go. Stay in a nearby hotel, and visit the park multiple days for a complete experience.

Gros Morne National Park

For an outdoor adventure, head to Newfoundland, Canada. This national park is one of the greatest parks in the entire world. Surrounded by steep mountains and pure nature, this park will steal your heart. You can swim, ski and hike here. You can also camp and simply explore the area.

Montreal, Quebec

This gorgeous city is full of culture, life and exciting adventures. One of the most famous festivals is the Montreal La Nuit Blanche. It may be cold and wintery when the festival takes place, but they know how to turn up the heat. Beer, food and fun are part of the festivities. Hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to Montreal for this special festival that goes on for 10 days straight. Don’t expect to sleep much.

Canada is a great place to travel, and each region has its own beauty to discover. Canada is affordable, full of things to do and a great country to see at least once.

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