Common Types of Industrial Doors

With so many factories, industrial building, and warehouses in Canada, each one of these requires a certain type of industrial door, or in other cases a mixture of multiple types. The process of making, installing, and servicing industrial doors is competitive, and doors have to be made to fit a specific space.

The strength of an industrial door will be determined by the materials used and the design. This helps it to withstand extremes like environmental, security, fire resistance, and soundproofing. It’s a must for you to take these considerations into account when choosing and designing the kind of door that is suitable for your business.

Sectional overhead doors

This kind of door is easy to operate and features versatility and weather resistance. Requirements for maximum vision, thermal insulation, elegance, and ventilation can be met. One can manually operate the door by pulling down the geared hoist or automatically by using certain electric motors and control systems. These doors come in both domestic and industrial sizes.

Insulated folding doors

Although these doors resemble the sectional doors, they are operated horizontally. Usually, they are weather resistant and thermally insulated for external use. The door comes in various features like manual and powered versions, ease of use, low maintenance requirements, and durability.

Shutter doors

These folding shutter doors will stack to the opening side neatly, taking up little headroom. Shutter doors come in a broad range of fixing applications and sizes making them suitable for places with strong prevailing winds and wide openings. You can easily operate them in manual or emergency mode. Learn more information at the Wilcox Door Service Inc. website.

High-speed door

These kinds of doors are suitable for those who would like to reduce heat and energy loss and still maximize productivity and access. They offer you an ideal way to secure your premises since they are made to last for long.

Personnel doors

Just like the name insinuates, this door is utilized by staff members or visitors to move from one place to the next. These doors can be designed in all sizes and shapes and made using any material depending on your needs. This means you can use light weight or heavy weight materials.

Whichever doors you decide to install, just ensure that the door is high speed and can open or close promptly without disrupting the workers. Employees will also feel more secure knowing that the doors you have installed will protect them from extreme circumstances or any unsavory characters that may choose to visit your enterprise.

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