Courier Service in Toronto

We are based in Toronto though our courier services are both international and local. We cover door-door delivery and pick-up services for urgent goods and documents. Our services are environmental friendly and have a positive impact on the society in that we are keen to offer value to our clients in terms of speed and reliability.

Services Offered
Doorstep and twenty-four-hour delivery services are offered in a range of areas including:-

– Same-day, two-hour, and priority service types
– Same-day direct drive office services
– Real time and online order entry tracking systems
– Point-point courier delivery services within on to six hours
– Delivery services within a twenty-four-hour period every day
– Door-to-door services that fit the needs and requirements of clients
– Pre-scheduled services that save companies time and money

Customer care representatives take orders from clients throughout the day and night. The system is secure and interactive; therefore, clients can easily place instant orders with courier service Toronto from the comfort of their offices or homes. Each client has a remote entry system to enable them to make a delivery, which are categorized in different rates including:-

– Scheduled rates – these are monthly, weekly, and daily deliveries sorted automatically.
– Multiple discount rates- a percentage is discounted from an order with more than 15 packages.
– Urgent rates – they cover deliveries within the hour where an extra charge is incurred once the order is placed.
– Basic rates include packages delivered by the end of each business day.

The walkers, bikers, trucks, vans, and cars that service the deliveries are handled by a team that is experienced and trained. The deliveries go through a secure and safe process, and the team of experts are committed to complete each task on time. These services make our customers realize their value for money and enables them to enter into a long term relationship with this company. You can check online this kind of services at

The company ensures all packages are stored in a secure place and insured before taking any further step. Even in challenging environments, the company has a safety record that ensures packages arrive safely. The safety of the environment is important, and by working closely with the client, delivery of packages is done using non-vehicle couriers. The company also has bespoke vehicles, and a warehouse system that enhances customer service as it allows entry of multiple data. Therefore, it is easy to monitor deliveries in terms of who signed them in, at what time did that happen, what category they are in, and when they are to be delivered.

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