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Finding a Dream Home with Homes for Sale GTA

Finally, your hard work has paid off. Say hello to your dream home. However, you must first look for homes for sale in GTA.

At the 2011 census, The Greater Toronto Area had a population of 6,054,191, and the census metropolitan area had a population of 5,583,064. The Greater Toronto Area is defined as the central city of Toronto, and the four regional municipalities: York, Peel, Halton, and Durham. The city of Oshawa has a total of 60,913 homes according to the 2013 Housing Monitoring Report of the Development Services Department of Oshawa. More than 1,000 new housing units were awarded with building permits. With 5,436 units still coming in, basing on the proposed, draft-approved, and listed plans for subdivisions, you will quickly realize that there will be no shortage of houses in the area. You will also understand that this location is booming right now.

You may ask, “Why Oshawa?” Here are a few reasons to consider:

Oshawa is a suburban community where you can find friends who will later treat you like family.

It has a huge number of parks, properties, and other amenities that will make living in this municipality perfect.

Its economy is strong, generally because of General Motor’s Canadian headquarters which can be found there. This town is also called the “Automotive Capital of Canada”.
Oshawa offers affordable housing. This is why a lot of Toronto travelers prefer to live there.

Transportation system is accessible.

It is developing into an “Education City” with the expansion of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and Durham College.

Here is how to look for homes for sale in Oshawa and how to choose a real estate agent:

Check the Internet for homes that you can possibly purchase and find a unit that you know you can afford. Do not waste your time looking over pictures of high-priced properties when you know for a fact that you cannot manage to pay for one.

Look for reputable real estate companies as well as real estate agents serving Oshawa. Attend open houses where you can personally speak with brokers.

Choose an agent that has a good track record. The more properties that have been closed, the more experienced the seller has. Ask for how many years the person has been in business. Five years or longer should be enough to show expertise.

Make sure that the real estate agent you will deal with has existing license and have attended required training. Search for important information about the person on the Internet. There may be complaints filed against the broker. Likewise, you may want to know if the individual received awards, such as “Agent of the Year”.

When searching for homes for sale in Oshawa, it is also helpful to use social media. You can also find real estate agents in this platform because most of them use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to attract buyers. Using these types of websites, you will know more about the people in real estate who are active and hard working.

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