Five items you should have with you at your first meeting with a divorce lawyer

It’s good to be prepared when you meet with your divorce lawyer for the first time. Going through a divorce may be somewhat stressful, but preparing yourself properly for all of your appointments related to your divorce will make the process as smooth as possible. There are a few things it’s important to bring to your initial consultation with your lawyer that your lawyer can use to advise you accurately.

The following are five items you should have with you at your first meeting with a divorce lawyer:

1. A schedule of all your debts and assets

Those who are in the process of divorcing should know that a Schedule of Assets and Debts is among the main documents you’ll need to compile as part of your divorce case. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get some documents together detailing your assets and your outstanding debts. This will put you a step ahead in your divorce preparations before you even meet with the lawyer.

2. A list of all the questions you have for your lawyer

Anyone who is going through a divorce is dealing with some uncertainties and questions. It’s important to take advantage of the time you have with your lawyer by asking all of your questions. Make a list of your questions before your first appointment and every appointment thereafter if more questions come up. This will put your mind at ease and ensure that you are well informed throughout the entire divorce process.

3. Your most recent tax return

Having at least your most recent tax return with you and tax returns from prior years as well could be helpful. This can help provide some important insights into your finances and also clearly shows your income from the past year. If you filed jointly, your return will also show what the income of your spouse was for the last year.

4. Copies of any document that has already been filed in relation to your divorce

In some cases, you or your spouse may have already filed preliminary documents initiating your divorce. If this is the case, make sure you track down these documents and bring a copy along with you.

5. Details regarding your income and expenses

In addition to a Schedule of Assets and Debts, another document providing important information in your divorce is your Income and Expense Declaration. You should therefore bring some calculations regarding the income you bring in and the expenses you deal with regularly.¬†There’s a good chance that you can find more information at the Matrimonial Home website.

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