Five Reasons to Incorporate Promotional Products into Your Business

Marketing is integral to any business, small or large, and as far as reaching out to more potential customers, promotional products have proven to be not only effective, but cost-effective, as well. Typically, these are items of daily use such as pens, calendars, or mouse pads, but there is plenty of room to be creative, and whether you are a start-up or a small enterprise, there are a number of reasons that you may want to incorporate some of these items into your marketing strategy.

1. Cost-Effective Marketing

Most promotional products are designed for mass distribution, so the prices are generally kept pretty low. For businesses with a tight marketing budget, these can be an alternative to large-scale digital ad campaigns, if not just an additional component of your marketing strategy.

There are a vast number of inexpensive promotional products out there, so it’s all about finding the ones that best suit your business. You, of course, want the items to be functional, but since it is sometimes more about the gesture than the quality of the product, you can keep prices low and impact high.

2. An Alternative to Business Cards

Promotional products function in the same way as a business card and are often more effective. They will have your company name, along with its logo, but unlike a business card, your giveaway items can be something that potential customers can use on a daily basis. This increases the chances that they will return to that item and be reminded of your business later on.

You can also integrate your social media campaign with the giveaway items by including usernames, hashtags, or QR codes on the product. A good source of information is the Brandability website, which has more insights and resources available online.

3. Brand Recognition

When you give away promotional items, you are giving potential customers something to remember you by, and an effective giveaway item will remind people of your business whenever they see or use the product. The more people recognize and remember your business, the more likely they are to buy your product or use your service.

4. Increase Exposure and Awareness

Similarly, promotional items increase the exposure that your business gets. Digital ad campaigns create an online presence, but promotional products can create a physical presence that exists outside of your store or office. These items are also specific to your business and can, therefore, be more effective than a magazine or newspaper ad, where your business might be crowded by a handful of other advertisers.

5. Enhance Customer Loyalty

In addition to increasing brand awareness, marketers work to build a solid customer base and increase brand loyalty. This can be done, in part, by incorporating promotional items into the marketing strategy.

Promotional products drive customer loyalty for a short time period, and this can be even more effective when your giveaway items are innovative, creative, and high-quality. The greater the impact of your promotional items, the more likely your potential customers are to become actual customers of your business.

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