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Four Important Steps to Help Your Movers Complete Their Work Efficiently

A typical mover company may charge you by the hour for their services, so you may be financially motivated to ensure the movers’ efficiency on moving day. Even when you are being charged a flat rate, you understandably want to complete the relocation as soon as possible so that you can focus on adjusting to life in your new home. While the moving company that you hire can directly affect efficiency through their equipment, tools and experience, there are some steps that you can take to further promote efficiency.

1. Ensure Everything Is Packed

One of the most significant factors that can slow your movers down is when they must take time to pack items in boxes or to carefully wrap them for placement in the truck. It is common for some people to pack most of their items, but they may leave several items out in the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Cable boxes, a coffee pot and other moderately-sized items that you may use up until moving day may be left out. Spend an hour or two before the movers arrive ensuring that every item in your home can easily be transported out the door with no extra packing effort required.

2. Disconnect Appliances

If you are relocating appliances, such as the fridge, washer or dryer, to your new home, it is beneficial to disconnect these items before the movers arrive. Ensure that all contents have been removed from them as well. If you are not physically able to disconnect the items, ensure that appliance disconnection and reconnection services are included in your quote.

3. Understand the Movers’ Efforts

It may be helpful to talk to your moving company before you start packing to get tips and pointers. Ask about the need to empty drawers in your dressers and armoires. Inquire about the best way to transport clothing hanging in your closet. When you understand the movers’ abilities and preferences in these areas, you may save yourself time packing. You may also save them time by avoiding unnecessary trips back and forth to the truck. You can find more resources available at the Matco Moving website.

4. Make Arrangements for Kids and Pets

If you have kids or pets, consider how they may easily get in the movers’ way on moving day. Their presence could slow the movers down unnecessarily. It could also result in unnecessary danger to the movers, your pets or your kids. Damage to your personal belongings may also occur because of pets or kids interfering with the movers’ efforts. Make arrangements for the care of pets and kids while your movers are doing their work.

Regardless of whether you are motivated by financial savings, convenience or both, you can see that helping your movers work more efficiently is in your best interest. These are some of the leading steps that you can take to promote their efficiency.

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