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Four Things to Know Before You Make a Reservation with a Mover Company

Once you have firmly decided to relocate, you may be eager to firm up your relocation budget and start making solid plans. A key component of relocation plans for many people involves hiring a Calgary movers company to assist with the hard work on moving day. While it is a great idea to make a reservation for professional moving services as soon as possible, you should have a few important details firmed up before you start requesting quotes and finalizing your relocation services. Spend time gathering these details before shopping around for moving company quotes.

1. Your New Address

Two of the initial pieces of information that a typical moving company will ask you are your current residential address and the new address where you are moving to. This will directly affect the quote through mileage and time required to complete the work. The moving company also will ask about obstacles or challenges at both locations, such as stairs, a steep driveway, a parking issue and more. You must know where you are moving to in order to get an accurate quote and make a reservation.

2. A Firm Move-In Date

The moving company also needs to know the date of the requested service before they can provide you with a quote. They need to ensure that they have the manpower, transportation and equipment available that day to complete your project. If they already have other projects lined up, you may need to switch your moving date and time or look for another company. In addition, some offer reduced rates for mid-week or off-time service requests.

3. The Size of Your Project

Moving companies have different ways of assessing the size of your project. For example, some ask about the number of rooms in your current home. Others ask for a specific estimate on the number of boxes and the types of different furnishings. While it can be time-consuming to list all of your major furnishings and items that need to be moved, this usually yields a more accurate quote.

4. The Need for Special Services

Many mover companies offer special services upon request. For example, some may provide you with packing and unpacking services, cleaning the home after you move out, transporting a vehicle and more. Understand the types of special services available, and think about your needs before you begin requesting quotes.

While you may be eager to make a reservation with a moving company and cross this item off of your list of things to do, it is essential that you have a solid understanding of the type of work that you need completed before you request quotes. With these details in mind, you can confidently request quotes.

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