Four Tips for Decorating Furnished Apartments

Renting furnished apartments Mississauga is ideal for those who only intend to be in the area for a short period of time. It is also a great housing option for individuals who do not own many items or who prefer not to tote everything they own around. Even if you only intend to be in the apartment for a few months or less, you understandably want to feel as comfortable as possible in it. These decorating tips can help you to easily create a homelike and stylish environment in your new space.

1. Choose an Appealing Color Scheme

While most furnished apartments have at least a bed, a sofa and a few other furnishings, some are almost fully-outfitted. However, in order to appeal to most people, they are usually decorated with neutral tones. This can create a bland living experience, so a smart idea is to dress up the apartment with colorful pillows, a throw, a potted plant with bright flowers and other similar items that bring various hues into the space.

2. Bring Personal Décor

If your goal is to make the space look homelike, personalizing it with a few of your favorite items from home is a great idea. This could be something as small as a framed picture of your family, or it could be something as large as your favorite sitting chair if space permits in the unit. You could also remove some of the wall art that is included in the apartment and replace it with your own options. Simply store the apartment’s artwork in a closet so that you can replace it before you vacate.

3. Use Easy-Removal Adhesives

Decorating the walls is an easy way to add a touch of style, but you may not want to place so many nail holes in the walls. Easy-removal adhesives are a great solution. You can hang as many things on the walls as desired without any concern for damaging the walls. These also work great if you want to hang a wreath or something else on the front door.

4. Re-Arrange the Furniture

Do not feel obligated to keep the furniture exactly as it is. While you cannot damage the furniture, you can move it in any location within the unit in most cases. Be sure to read the fine print in your lease to confirm this. Moving a bed or sofa to a new location in the room may make the space feel more like your last home.

Decorating a furnished apartment can seem challenging at first, but you can see that there are actually many possibilities to consider. A smart idea is to create a decorating plan so that your efforts achieve a determined goal.

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