Moving in Together? How to Find the Best Movers

Are you getting ready to move into a completely new place with a significant other? In this day and age, many boyfriends and girlfriends live together before marriage. On the other hand, maybe you are considering moving in with your fiancé right before you get married.

In either case, the transition can be difficult for many couples, and it’s not uncommon go through some trials as you go through the packing and moving process. One of the best ways to smooth things over, however, is to hire a professional moving company to do the moving.

This will make schlepping all of your combined belongings into one home much easier. After all, allowing your movers to pack, load and unload your things for you will allow the two of you to focus on more important things like whose furniture gets to go where.

In addition to hiring professionals, there are some other specific things that you can do to make moving in together much easier as well.

Hire the same movers, and move on the same day.

First of all, don’t hire separate movers. Use the same company. You’re both packing up your respective homes, and you both need a truck to carry your things to the new place, right? For this reason, the best idea is to hire one moving company to move both of you on the same day.

Talk to your moving service experts to arrange your moving day schedule. For example, one of you can have your belongings packed into a medium-sized moving truck in the morning. After it’s unloaded, the late afternoon can be reserved for packing up the other person’s things. This will cost much less than moving on different days.

If you plan on traveling a long distance to your new home, you’ll want to hire a bigger truck because in this case, you’ll need to combine your belongings. One person can load up at their house first, and the rest of the truck space can be reserved for the second person.

Blend your styles in the communal areas of your new home.

Organizing your furniture and belongings will be a difficult task. Start by designating where the communal areas in your new home will be. Make sure that these areas are a combination of both of your unique styles.

Because places like the living room, bathroom and bedroom need to be shared equally between the two of you, it’s important that both of your unique personalities are on display there. After all, it should feel like a home to you both.

Get rid of things where you can.

When moving in together, you’re bound to have doubles of things. You might have your own silverware, dish sets, living room furniture and other items. There’s no reason to keep both as this will only add to clutter and fill up your closets and storage spaces. For this reason, before your hired movers arrive, pick the best item between your doubles and sell or give away the other.

By following the guidelines listed above, the transition of moving in together will be smoother, and you will both be happier in your new home! More resources can be found at the Hudson Movers website.

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