Office Document Shredding – Is Outsourcing Better?

If your organization is already shredding business documents, then you appreciate the significance of protecting your employees, clients and business alike. Canadian laws, both Federal and State, require entities to protect all personal and confidential information from unauthorized disclosure and access. While shredding documents in-house makes an excellent initial step, to outsource document shredding services has several benefits. Learn more information at the Shred-it website.

More Secure

The biggest challenge lies in making sure that all private and confidential information actually gets shredded. When using your own internal shredding processes, it’s common to find sensitive documents sitting around in the open before they are finally destroyed. Even as they are being destroyed, ideally, you are only trusting and hoping that everything confidential is destroyed. The truth is that under such circumstances, you are exerting additional responsibility and pressure on your employees than normally required.

Shredding services that are outsourced collects the documents to be destroyed in a special bin that is locked. They never get to see your papers except as they pour them en masse into their shredder. Of course this implies greater privacy compared to doing it in-house where a worker has to virtually look at each of the documents they get fed into the office shredder.

Saves Time & Cost Effective

Besides the possibility of security breaches that are inherent to in-house shredding processes, your employees will be more productive when they are focused on their core responsibilities as opposed to having to spend effort and time feeding the shredder.

You will also be saving money when you use an outsourced shredder compared to buying your own office machine, having it maintained, training someone to operate it, and of course paying the salary for that employee. Through document shredding outsourcing, you are eliminating these unnecessary capital expenses.

Office shredders efficiency is typically limited to the volume of documents that can be fed in which makes them time-consuming, inefficient, and at times cost-prohibitive as well as less compliant with Canadian laws on privacy.

Certificate of Destruction

Reputable companies that offer document shredding services will give you a Certificate of Destruction. This document gives you a legal record proving that what you needed to be destroyed was actually shredded. This is particularly very beneficial in the event of potential legal cases.

Bottom Line

Collecting massive data and diverse information from partners, employees, clients, and other stakeholders is the reality of business today. The truth is also that the documents that hold such vital and sensitive information can also easily fall into the hands of individuals or organizations with goals that are very different. That is why shredding such sensitive documents becomes very vital.

It is, however, important to consider outsourcing such services before you decide on investing in an additional office shredder. A partnership with the shredding vendor has the possibility of greatly increasing your productivity and reducing your risk. Learn more information at the Shred-it website.

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