Tips for Choosing the Food and Caterer at Your Wedding

After your incredible wedding, most of the details will fade for your guests. They might not forget how beautiful the bride was in her dress, but the wedding decor and floral design are likely to be forgotten. Guests won’t forget an incredible meal though. When it comes time for wedding event planning, the food should be one of the first decisions, not one of the last. You can learn more at the Greensville Gourmet website.

1. Level of Formality

When you’re deciding on the theme and style of your wedding, consider whether you’ll have a formal sit-down dinner or a buffet with fun foods that guests can pick and choose. Think about the kind of event you have dreamed about. Ask yourself questions about the decor as well as the food. You might not want to serve dinner at all. It might make more sense to have a coffee and dessert option, or appetizers and an open bar.

2. Sample Menus

Whether you’ve decided on a style or not, meet with a few caterers to find ones that offer tasting menus. One of the considerations for the event should be the time of day too. Some couples don’t realize that they’re holding their event in the early afternoon, and guests might not want heavy foods like steaks for their noon meal. The caterer you choose should have some ideas when you visit. Ask about special menus too. Some guests might have gluten allergies or need vegetarian options.

3. Venue Matters

The venue for the event will have a huge impact on the type of food you can serve. If there isn’t a sufficient kitchen space, you won’t be able to have the caterer cook on site. This limits the food that you’ll be able to have at the reception. It’ll need to be cooked prior to the event and brought in, which means it won’t be as fresh. The menu choices will be limited to those that can travel well.

4. The Wedding Cake

For your wedding catering service, you want to consider who will be doing the cake. It seems like every decision is vital to the event, but the cake is almost as important as the bride’s dress. It’s unlikely that the same caterer who does the food will also make the cake, but if you can get both at the same company, you might be able to save some money.

The catering company you choose has a huge impact on the success of your event. Long after the guests forget the flowers you choose or the centerpieces as part of the decor, they will remember an amazing meal they had at your wedding. Do your research and consider what your venue can handle as far as food choices to make your event as successful as possible.

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