Top 10 Technologies Used by Security Companies

The advent of technology has imparted growth in every sector. And so in security field as well. The role of a security officer has evolved with technology. Today the security officers are highly efficient and skilled with various applications.

The top 10 technologies used by security companies are:

1. Closed circuit television (CCTV): 

These have embarked a revolution and can easily be seen at any crowded place or monument. CCTVs are nothing but video cameras that are capable of transmitting signals to a specific place that is equipped with monitors for assessing. They may also be loaded with extra features like motion detection.

2. Access control:

As the name suggests, these are used to restrict access to a certain place or they grant access to selective people. Physical access control is achieved by human but access control systems are developed which grants access based on credentials presented. The door is opened for a short course of time and if failed then the door remains closed and alarm is forced up. Every access whether passes or fails is monitored.

3. Security guard management software:

Security agencies hire a pool of security guards who are assigned to different clients. It becomes important to keep track of the guards and keep them informed. Due to the nature of the job, security management software are made to be efficient, informative, and powerful. Some security guard management software such as this one from SilverTrac can also manage incident reports, dispatch, performance reports, and much more.

4. Biometrics:

Biometric identification includes face and finger print recognition. A facial recognition system identifies faces in the form of digital images and finger print recognition recognizes finger prints against a database of various known and unknown prints.

5. Full body scanner:

These are used against human body to detect any dangerous object whether metal or non-metal. The device is placed on the body and an alternate wavelength image of the person is screened at a specific place where the operator cannot see the face of the person being checked.

6. Burglar alarm:

Burglar alarm is a wall mounted device in which the alarm and detection device are wired together and controlled. These include bells, sirens and door contacts.

7. Security alarm:

Security alarm is another device that is used to detect an unauthorized entry into a building or an area. These are of various types like car alarms, which protect the car. Bicycle alarm, for protection of bicycle or vehicles.

8. Day and night camera:

It is a camera that can view a picture during day as well as night. That is it can work both in light and darkness. The camera is geared up with special lenses that emit IR emissions produced by LED’s. These cameras are also endowed with HDR technology and various other features.

9. Gunshot systems:

Also called as gun fire systems are device that detects the location at which a weapon or gun is fired and conveys the signal via a sensor to a specific place. These are generally used in military for identification of the source and tracing the direction of the gun fired.

10. Motion detector:

Motion detector is a device that detects the motion of any object, particularly, a person. These are part of a well-defined security system establishment and automatically alert the motion of a suspected person.

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